Ranking of the Worst Places to Have Sex

Having sex in your bedroom all the time may not be a smart idea. You would want to spice things up. So, when you watch sex videos free where porn stars have sex in different locations, you fall into the trap of wanting to do those things as well.

Now, having sex outside of your bedroom is not a bad idea. But, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best location for your sexual adventure. You have to remember that the porn video you are watching is scripted and thus, you should not believe in everything that porn videos tell you.

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You will also find many articles on the internet telling you about the places where you can have sex to make your sex life more exciting. Truth be told, most of those places are not good for having sex. You want to have a pleasurable sexual experience, not the painful ones.

And, when you try to have sex in those places, you will feel more pain than pleasure for sure. That is why in this article; let’s tell you some of the worst places where you should never go to have sex even if the 18+ videos you watch are telling you to do so. 


You will hear about how sexy it is to have sex when you are 30,000 feet high in an aeroplane. But, you should also remember that having such a fantasy can cost you’re a lot. Yes, you would want to become a part of the mile-high club. 

But, if you get caught in the act, the aeroplane authorities will take significant actions against you that will make your regret your actions on the aeroplane. So, you have to be very careful before taking any such step when you are on an aeroplane.

Apart from that, having sex in the washroom of an aeroplane is not a comfortable thing in any sense of the word. That is why you should not look to do that even if your favourite porn stars are doing it. Remember, it is dangerous. 


Maybe in a Marc Dorcel xxx video, you will see people having sex in a church. But, do you think something like that can happen in real life? Yes, they do happen and many people go to church to have sex. But, what happens when they get caught?

None of the sex videos you watch will tell you that. When a couple gets caught while having sex in a church, they can get arrested. Also, the church is a sacred place and it is not a place where you can fulfil your carnal fascinations. So, don’t go into the church to have sex. 

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Parking Lot

You have seen sex scenes in the movies where actors and actresses have sex in the parking lot and you think that doing such a thing might spice your sex life up. But, the truth is doing it in a parking lot can be risky if you don’t choose these parking lot properly. 

Many couples make the mistake of choosing the parking lot for their sexual adventure and end up having a cop on their windows to stop them from doing what they are doing. You might think that the parking lot is a great place to have sex, but, if you are in the wrong parking lot, you can get into trouble. So, make sure you are choosing an abandoned parking lot in a secluded place.

In the Bed of Someone Else

In many videos, you will see a storyline where porn stars will be having sex in someone else’s bed and have fun as well. But, the reality is, if you get caught, it will be one of the most humiliating things that you can ever experience.

Also, when you are having sex, you need to be focused on your partner and the erotic pleasures you are experiencing. Thus, if you constantly feel anxious and try to see whether the owner of the house is coming to the house, then you will never find the experience fun. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, in many cases, people trying to have sex in public to spice things up between them have paid the heavy price of humiliation. If you want to avoid that then be wise while choosing the place for your public sex adventure. Yes, public sex can be fun only if you choose the right place. Thus, keep that in mind while planning your public sex adventure.